How Much Are Mexico’s Brutal Drug Cartels Worth?

The Beltran Leyva Organization, a Sinaloa cartel partner that broke away in the late 2000s, maintains a presence throughout the US, from Texas and the Gulf coast to the Rust Belt as well as in Southern California. The BLO in Mexico has splintered into factions that often conflict with often each other, though they’re considered to be part of the same overarching organization. The Juarez cartel, which declined after losing control of Ciudad Juarez to the Sinaloa cartel, has also seen declines since last year, losing ground in the Midwest and the Northeast — though it remains present in West Texas . The six cartels that the DEA judges to have the greatest drug-trafficking influence in the US are the Sinaloa, Jalisco New Generation, Juarez, and Gulf cartels and the Beltran Leyva Organization. In the 1990s, the aforementioned Cali cartel took the mantle from their Medellin rivals, becoming the most powerful cartel in the world.

Emma Coronel Aispuro: Mrs. El Chapo

Although he was arrested and sentenced to more than 20 years in prison in 1993, he continued to be a key figure in the cartel, and, according to various reports, he gained full control of the organization in 1995. More than seventy-nine thousand people have disappeared since 2006, primarily at the hands of criminal organizations such as the cartels, though government forces also play a role. Local search efforts to find the missing and prosecute those responsible have often been stymied by cartel-related violence, government incompetence and corruption, and other factors. Possibly fearing extradition to the United States, Guzmán escaped from prison in 2001. As the Mexican government intensified its efforts to arrest suspected drug lords, he eluded capture, but other cartel leaders were imprisoned, weakening organizations and giving rise to splinter groups.

US Cities That Are Crowded By Mexican Drug Cartels

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The Trump administration has zeroed in on the threat of drugs and crime. President Donald Trump at a speech about efforts against MS-13 in front of federal, state, and local law-enforcement officials in Brentwood, New York, July 28, 2017. “Many come in through the traditional path of low-level go lookout work for the cartel, while others arrive through prostitution, birth into cartel families, or are recruited during short spells in prison,” he said. Some Flacas have reportedly had cosmetic surgery in a bid to attract more male attention and operate more effectively.

The Psychological Toll of Duterte’s Drug War: Mental Health in Low-Income Communities

“There has also been evidence of the utilization of cryptocurrencies by Mexican TCOs as a means by which to transfer their wealth internationally” said the DEA. Mexican drug cartels also convert wealthy Chinese nationals’ Renminbi to US dollars at a lower rate than the prevailing market rate. Chinese nationals aren’t allowed to transfer their wealth outside of China, so they are willing to pay Mexican drug cartels a premium for the cartels’ US dollar cash holdings in exchange for RMB payments in China.

He actually states that he called out for his brother to stop with all of the violence, but that didn’t stop police from searching for both Pablo and Roberto in the wild goose chase of the late ‘80s. We learned this because a Vice reportedly went on the Pablo Escobar tour that ends with a Q&A session with none other than Roberto Escobar himself. The eccentric millionaire vows that he has found the cure to HIV after his extensive work in equestrian medicine. Roberto is one of the few members of the Medellin cartel living outside of prison, probably because he’s been far removed from the violence of the ordeal.

Dating a Drug Dealer: Pros, Cons and Risks to Consider

In an interview with Insight Crime’s Katie Jones, University of Warwick Professor Benjamin T. Smith explains how his book The Dope unpacks misperceptions about Mexico’s drug trade. Though AMLO has framed his strategy as a novel approach, some experts say his actions—including deploying a new military-led national guard to boost security—echo his predecessors’ tactics and are unsuccessful. Meanwhile, the homicide rate continues to hover around record levels. Homicides declined in the first years of Peña Nieto’s presidency. But 2015 saw an uptick, and by the end of his term, the number of homicides had risen to the highest level in modern Mexican history.

One day, she arrived at her stand and found an armed man on a motorcycle waiting for her to pay her dues. She was scared and didn’t know what the group might do. So she and her cousin fled to Mexico City and then Tijuana, where they sought asylum in the United States in April 2015.

Laborín was enlisted to direct the money-laundering component of her husband’s Beltrán Leyva Cartel. In 2010, she was kidnapped by a rival group and photographed in captivity, blindfolded and with her feet and hands bound, with automatic rifles pointed at her. After 13 days, she was released and returned to manage the cartel’s finances.

There’s no burden of proof to meet, no due process — if they’re suspicious, they’ll just murder you and take your stuff. After serving time in both Mexican and US prisons, she was released in 2015, and currently lives “quietly” in Guadalajara. “Women in the cartels have shown that they can be as brutal as some of the men,” Almonte said. She was found guilty of helping her dad launder money through various businesses — sushi restaurants, a resort and a tequila company — according to a Department of Justice press statement. Almonte believes that Coronel Aispuro likely gave up intelligence about the Sinaloa cartel in exchange for more lenient treatment.

On the day that Pablo Escobar was gunned down on the rooftops of Medellin he had an unmailed letter to his mother placed in his pocket. Hermilda was on a mission to spread the word about all of the good that her son did so that his legacy could live on. Chilean star Paulina Garcia plays Hermilda in the Netflix series Narcos and she looks far different in real life than she does in her wig and makeup for the show. Talk of the famous Colombian cocaine cowboys had died down in the last decade until Netflix released their hit show Narcos to critical acclaim. Now the story of the boys of Medellin has become relevant again and people are curious about what really happened in from the late ‘70s to the early ‘90s. Escobar didn’t just help create a drug pipeline from Colombia to Mexico to the United States, he also helped countless cities rise back up from a destitute state.

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